Moving a Brick House

Q: "What are the potential problems of moving a brick house?"

guys on stairs

What are the potential problems of moving a brick house from its
original foundation to a new location?

— Lynne, Chicago, Illinois


Tom Silva replies: The primary problem that can occur when moving any house is cracking. But remember, a brick house is a lot heavier than a regular wood-framed house, so you have a lot more weight to be concerned about. But additionally, you have to worry about the cracking of the brick and
the replacement of the brick, if needed. So there's no simple answer. You just want to make absolutely sure you select an experienced home moving company to move your house. And if it's brick especially, you really don't want to be the test case for the movers. So it would be a good idea to make sure they're qualified and that yours won't be the first brick house they've moved.


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