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January 2012

10 Uses for Vodka

If you've stumbled upon a bottle of spirits that's not fit for a mixed drink, reuse it as a handy...

Bedford | Final Reveal

Roger Cook and Jenn Nawada install plant material. Mark Ferrante installs backsplash tile. Mike...

Bedford | Final Touches

Roger Cook lays the driveway finish. Allen Gallant installs LED lights. Tony Bevilacqua shows...

Cabinets in Basements

Q: I'd like to install cabinets in my basement, but how do I protect them from water damage?

Colorful Small Appliances

In shades such as tangerine and teal, these kitchen staples are so cheery, you'll want to leave...

Fixing Leaky Windows

Q: The windows are single-pane and leaky, and the furnace is 15 years old. Which should I fix...

Frosty Windows

Q: How do I prevent my double-hung windows from frosting up in the winter?

Wasps Nesting in Lawn

Q: What can I do to get rid of the yellow jackets living in the ground around my house?