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November 2009

60-Minute Fixes

The guests are arriving any day now, but the to-do list is endless. Here are 5 simple repairs you...

All About Interior Paint

The experts at This Old House help you navigate the paint aisle like a pro so that you can choose...

How to Build a Coat Rack

In half a day you can assemble stock lumber and a newel post to create an elegant place to hang...

How to Winterize Shrubs

Heavy snow and other cold-weather hazards can wreak havoc on yard plantings. Here's how to...

Leaking Dormer

Q: The roof above my dormers are only one year old and already leaking. What can I do?

Rusty Water

Q: How can we turn rusty water into clear water?

Solar-powered Pump

Q: Can I convert my electric outdoor fountain water pump to solar power?

Squirrel Damage

Q: How do I repair windows that a squirrel tried to chew through?