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July 2006

All About Bits

Master Carpenter Norm Abram's techniques for using drill bits

Best in Bath

The kitchen and bath industry's annual show featured the latest products, hottest trends, and...

Cleaning Marble

In this Q&A, we'll explain how to make your marble countertops shine again

Crafted to Last

Traditional millwork and cabinetry details distinguish a new old house that's fit for generations...

Divide and Conquer

Decorative metal edging defines garden spaces while it adds character to your landscape

Dormer Types

As architectural styles have shifted, architects and builders have invented more ways to build...

Dormer Windows

One of the main reasons to add a dormer to a house is to bring light into the attic or living...

Hanging a Tree Swing

To keep the tree—and yourselves—safe, find a sturdy branch, use stainless steel eye...

House of Blue

A curiously colored, waterproof wood fights bugs, fungus, and mold

Lowering a Chandelier

Q: We've been in our house for over a year and have not yet cleaned a large chandelier hanging...

Miter or Cope

How do you cut crown molding to fit an inside corner that is greater than 90 degrees? I


The small covered porch framing a front entry makes a bold, center-of-attention statement about a...

Prevent BBQ Fires

Essential information for the hottest summer on record: Six steps to safer grilling

Reining in Water Use

Ground rules for creating a lush yard that doesn't squander the available supply of H2O

Removing a Tub Drain

WD-40 won't do the trick, but a few of choice tools—or a plumbing pro—can

Roof Shapes

All roofs, even ones that look flat, need to slope to some degree so that snowmelt and rainfall...

Roofing Materials

If you're building a new house or re-roofing an existing one, your choice of materials will have...

Sinking Stoop

Q: Our brick steps are pulling away from the house. Can we fix this ourselves?

Taming Turrets

The first turrets were lookouts attached to castle walls. Today, they serve more as decorative...

Victorian-Era Windows

The most interesting windows in American architecture showed up in the decades after the Civil...

Water-Pipe Corrosion

Q: It wasn't long after we moved into our newly constructed house that the copper water-supply...

Waterlogged Piers

Q: I am planning to build a shed on concrete piers. The soil here is heavy clay, and when I dig...

Window Words

How well do you know your window vocabulary? Here's a quick visual glossary of a few of the more...