This Old House Archives

January 2002

A Goof-Proof Roof

The Charlestown roof boasts a blend of old and new methods that respect the building's historic...

A Private Matter

Turn your yard into a secluded haven without giving your neighbors the cold shoulder

A Roof with a View

When demolition and renovation begin to overwhelm, Dan and Heather retreat to the roof to keep...

Adding Central Air

Whether or not you've got ductwork, adding central air is more affordable and less disruptive...

All-Weather Safety

Carbon monoxide from appliances and generators can kill. Take these few simple precautions to...

An Urban Oasis

With a little forethought, the Charlestown courtyard was transformed into a garden sanctuary for...

April 1999

Key West conch houses, descendents of simple Colonial cottages from the Bahamas and mainland...

April 2000

Transform your home while remaining true to its traditional look

April 2001

Check out a 1920s Colonial's transformation from rundown fixer-upper to modern-day home steeped...

Backsplash Bonanza

Everything you need to know about adding a tile, solid-surface or— surprise—even a...

Closet Control

Tame unruly storage areas with smart shelving, drawers and cubbies

Compost Haste

Turn food and lawn scraps into garden nourishment

DIY Energy Audits

The Department of Energy's website helps you detect and remedy energy leaks in your home

December 1999

Walk through: See a Shingle style home brought back to life for the next century

December 2001

What you need to know about the seemingly straightforward process of building dormers

Drain-Clearing Tools

Our advice: Start with the humble plunger and work your way up to Boss Hogg tools.

Dust-Free Storage Tip

Need to keep dust masks, safety glasses, and other gear clean and dry? We've got it in the bag.

Easy Bath Upgrades

Here are two projects you can do without knocking out walls or going bankrupt.

From Plan to Plants

This Old House landscaping contractor Roger Cook puts David Hawk's landscape plan into action,...

Giving the Kids a Bath

Ingenuity—not expansion—opened up possibilities for a small-scale children's bathroom.

How a Heat Pump Works

We solve the mystery of how a heat pump extracts warmth from the chilly air outside

In and Around Boston

This Old House took a whirlwind renovation tour of Boston, tackling several home improvement...

In the Zone

When renovating in Boston, homeowners inevitably run up against the city's zoning code.

January / February 1999

From cottages in Key West to Victorian bath features, learning from the remodeling projects of...

January / February 2000

We've been there through thick and thin. Now we take a look at the best of This Old House

July / August 1999

You won't find plastic covered furniture or stiff formality in the freshest living rooms. They're...

July / August 2000

Warm weather and time off may be the perfect time to check some simple things off your list

June 1999

Beautiful transitions from inside to out make the most of both spaces

June 2000

The materials and know-how you need from start to finish

June 2001

Implement the extras that take the area outside your home to the next level

Making a Mudroom

Even if it's small, a well-organized entry gives you a place to wipe your feet and store your...

March 1999

Quality workmanship and architectural details never go out of style. See how the TOH crew brought...

March 2000

Enjoy the beauty of durable nature under your feet

May 2000

You don't have to compromise on design to create a practical home that fits your—and the...

May 2001

A beautiful kitchen is great to look at, but a well-planned kitchen is great to work in. Find out...

New Bath on a Budget

Learn from the experiences of these two households. They each got a new bathroom for way under...

November 1999

Sometimes two islands are better than one and other ideas for smart building

November 2001

In uncertain times, our homes offer safe havens; improving them is an investment in the future

October 1999

After getting Norm's help with Fall chores, pore over our gallery of tiny houses, step inside a...

October 2001

Low-maintenance yards, energy-efficient windows and insulation, and fuel-saving heating systems...

Old House, New Light

Lighting designer Susan Arnold helped the Charlestown homeowners select modern fixtures to...

Packing Heat

Portable space heaters can warm your bones in a hurry, but how economical — and safe —...

Proper Insulation

How to keep the right amount of ventilation space between the roof sheathing and the new batts

Radiator Redux

Dan and Heather hit a nearby salvage yard to turn their radiators into a clawfoot tub.

Second-Story Job

A Denver family puts down roots and gains living space by raising the roof of their postwar ranch...

September 1999

When fire destroyed their circa 1720 farmhouse, these homeowners vowed to rebuild even better....

September 2001

When it's time to improve a house, get moving on projects like hanging clapboard, reseeding the...

Simple Peg-Board Shelf

Think you can't hang glue bottles, spray cans, and other small items on your Peg-Board? Think again.

Stylish Sheds

You don't have to settle for metal when it comes to backyard storage.

The Acton House

This Old House rehabilitated and expanded a 1710 Colonial farmhouse in Acton, Massachusetts,...

The Arlington House

This Old House brought a Greek Revival home in Arlington, Massachusetts, back to life.

The Belmont House

The restoration of this 1907 Shingle-style Victorian included the removal of asbestos siding and...

The Brimfield House

The This Old House crew made a get-away to western Massachusetts, where they raised an expansive...

The Brookline House

The All New This Old House created a high-tech, energy-efficient, contemporary-style home in...

The Charlestown House

This Old House heads back to the city for the renovation of an 1865 Second Empire-style brick...

The Concord Barn

The crew put a new spin on a good old-fashioned barn raising, restoring a 1835 barn in Concord,...

The Honolulu House

The renovation and expansion of homeowner Christiane Bintliff's 1930s, termite-damaged, ocean...

The Jamaica Plain House

This Old House collaborated with Boston's Public Facilities Department on the renovation of an...

The Key West House

This Old House headed to the southernmost city in the continental United States, Key West,...

The Lexington Ranch

Architect Graham Gund designed a second floor addition and a great room for this radical...

The London House

In This Old House's first venture outside USA, the crew headed to London, England, to refurbish...

The Melrose House

The This Old House crew helped the owners of a cramped Victorian carve living space from an...

The Miami House

The restoration of a 1917 Mediterranean Revival-style home, damaged by Hurricane Andrew, brought...

The Nantucket House

The This Old House crew transformed a small 1887 Victorian cottage into a summer home with year...

The West Palm Beach House

Homeowner Rob Thompson and the This Old House team transformed this Mediterranean Revival-style...

Toilet Tune-Up

Try this simple solution if your toilet has lost some flushing power

Transfer of Power

A portable gas-fired generator and a transfer switch will keep your house up and running while...

Up in Smoke

How can you tell if your chimney is a fire hazard? Follow the advice of chimney specialist Mark...