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This Tiny Motion-Sensing Security Camera Is 66% Off

Protect your home with this app-based indoor camera.

You work hard to make your house your home. If you have been wanting to invest in a security camera but hesitating due to the high prices, this one may be the solution. The Sinji Pan Tilt Indoor Camera is on sale for $39.95 down from $119.

The Sinji can pan 355 degrees and tilt 80 degrees, to ensure the coverage angle is just right. It’s super easy to work with, thanks to its iOS and Android companion app that you can use to control it and view your space, even at night via infrared. You can rotate it to look around your house or follow any movement—all from your phone. And because of Sinji’s motion-detection capabilities, it can send you push notifications whenever something’s going on at your house.

Want to hold onto the camera’s footage and not just watch it live? The microSD card slot supports up to 128 GB of on-board storage when you add your own memory card (it’s not included), and there’s a cloud storage option as well, allowing you to keep things on file the way you prefer.

If you are not looking for a security camera necessarily, the Sinji Pan Tilt Indoor Camera is also the perfect solution for the kids’ playroom or for keeping an eye on the pets while you’re out. It has two-way communication through the app so that you can hear whatever is going on in your home and speak through the camera if necessary.

With a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 66% discount on the retail price of $119, this 6-inch-square security camera is a worthy investment that will neither break the bank nor be an eyesore in your home. Pick up one now for just $39.95.

Sinji Pan Tilt Indoor Camera - $39.95

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