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Safety Gear Recommendations for DIYers

Most safety gear won’t cost you an arm and a leg, however, a hazardous work environment might. Keeping your body protected must always be your first priority, so it’s imperative that you invest in equipment that ensures that you’re kept safe from potential harm.

Courtesy ISO Tunes

Here are our top picks for gear to keep you guarded on the worksite:

ISOtunes PRO

Protect your ears while listening to your favorite playlists. Bluetooth connectivity, 10 hour music playback and talk time, and dust, sweat and water resistant.

$69.99, ISOtunes

RZ Mask

This comfortable and adjustable mask will keep out dust and irritants while you’re working away. The RZ Mask features 99.9% replaceable active carbon filters that last up to 60+ hours.

$36.95, RZ Mask


No other saw on the market is like this tool. Through the power of modern technology, StopSaw has the capability to sensor an extremity in its way and prevent an accident from happening on the spot.

$1499 & up, StopSaw

Safety Goggles

Don’t lose sight of what you’re working on, literally. These protective goggles have anti-scratch/anti-fog coating, so that you stay safe while also not having to wipe the lens.

$15.25, Amazon

Insertable Kneepads

Grab yourself a pair of these kneepads that insert into Carhartt double-front pants. Your future self will thank you later.

$39.99, Carhartt

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Great for carpentry and metal work, these gloves are four times stronger than leather and provide a snug fit without losing dexterity.

$8.69, Amazon

Steel-Toe Boots

Wolverine makes top-of-the-line footwear for women and men that provide both comfort and defense. This shoe has a non-conductive steel toe for protection and breathable linings to fight sweat.

$76.16-$118,49 Wolverine

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Depending on your trade or craft, you may want to invest in an outfit that keeps you safe from sparks and flames.

$63.99, Dickies