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Roger Cook Steps Away From This Old House; Jenn Nawada Named Landscape Contractor

This Old House announced that after more than 35 years, Roger Cook is stepping away from the role of Landscape Contractor. Jenn Nawada will take over the role

Jan. 13, 2020

Statement from This Old House CEO, Dan Suratt:

“For over 35 years, Roger Cook has provided expert landscaping and gardening advice to millions upon millions of viewers. But perhaps more importantly, he has displayed a sense of humor and warmth while going about his craft. As he stepped back from This Old House and Ask This Old House the last few seasons, Roger has maintained that grace and good-natured attitude, and endeared himself even more to his fans. He also continued to welcome landscaper Jenn Nawada into This Old House family as they worked alongside each other and she became a regular fixture on the shows. Today we welcome Jenn as the next This Old House Landscape Contractor, and thank Roger for representing the best of This Old House. Quite simply, This Old House would not be what it has become without Roger and all his contributions and he will always remain a member of the This Old House family. We thank Roger from the bottom of our hearts for all of his hard work and dedication to This Old House – we are forever grateful.”

Statement from Roger Cook:

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce I am stepping away from This Old House and Ask This Old House to focus on family and the things I love. With a great team in place, and wonderful customers, our work at K&R Landscape will continue as before. While I’d love nothing more than to continue appearing on the shows, I can no longer participate as I’d like. But I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still spend time with Kevin, Richard, Tommy, Norm and the entire team. There’s nothing like that group of pros … and human beings. I’m truly blessed to have worked with the best in the business. My friend and fellow pro Jenn Nawada will now serve as the Landscape Contractor for the show, an honor she richly deserves. It’s been an absolute honor being part of the show all these years. I’m proud of what we created, and that we’ve touched so many fans. Thank you for all of the good wishes and support.”