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6 Fast Fixes for April

Get a jump on the warm weather with these easy ways to improve your home

Check Washer Hoses

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

To avoid costly flooding, look for cracks and bulges in washer hoses and replace if there's any sign of wear.

Reseed Bare Patches

Fill bald spots by raking and sprinkling with garden soil and grass seed. Water regularly to keep seeds moist.

Fix Driveway Cracks

Winter ice can cause or broaden cracks in concrete driveways. For narrow gaps, apply a masonry crack filler; in wider ones, use patching mortar.

Clean and Seal Your Fireplace

Photo by Jumping Rocks Photography/Getty

Keep critters from holing up in your chimney by closing up your flue until fall. Then schedule a cleaning and inspection—you can often get lower rates in the off-season.

Replace Your AC Filter

Photo by slobo/Getty

Before turning on your AC this spring, change the filter so that it runs with maximum efficiency.

Clean Your Doormat

Photo by M. Eric Honeycutt/Getty

Dirty mats are less effective at trapping dust and debris. Use a vacuum to clean out caked-in dirt so mats are ready for muddy spring shoes.