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6 Things to Do This Summer

Add these best practices to your summer routine

Harvest Herbs

Photo by SilviaJansen/Getty

Snip 2- to 3-inch cuttings after the morning dew has dried, and store them in the fridge loosely wrapped to prevent premature mold.

Check Tire Pressure on Lawn Mowers

Photo by Maurice van der Velden/Getty

Unevenly inflated pneumatic tires can cause steering issues and uneven cuts. Test yours using a tire-pressure gauge.

Banish Grass Stains

Photo by Daniel Loiselle/Getty

To save your carpet from tracked-in turf, mix ¼ teaspoon laundry detergent with 1 cup cold water and blot onto the stain using a clean cloth, working from the outside in.

Surge Safely

Photo by Robert Houser/Getty

Before summer storms hit, plug large electronics and appliances into top-quality surge protectors to safeguard the devices from damage and reduce the risk of household fires.

Brighten Exterior Lights

Photo by Peter Gridley/Getty

Bugs and dust can dampen their glow. Give them a boost by washing covers with glass cleaner and wiping bulbs with a dry microfiber cloth.

Repair Screen Doors

Photo by Jan Tyler/Getty Images

Use a utility knife to cut a clean square around the hole, then patch it using a repair kit from the home center.