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6 Fast Fixes for August

Seasonal tips for keeping tabs on all corners of your home

Keep Compost Active

Photo by Chris Price/E+/Getty

If it gets too dry, the essential bacteria can die. Turn once a week to distribute moisture.

Maintain Dryer Ducts

Photo by Shaffer Smith Photography

Lint that gets trapped in ducts poses a risk for fire. Remove each end of the duct and vacuum with a wet/dry vac.

Wash Window Coverings

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Outdoor irritants like pollen may have built up on curtains after a season of open windows. Have all drapes washed or dry-cleaned.

Prevent Powdery Mildew

Photo by Nigel Cattlin/Visuals Unlimited/Getty

Thin out crowded branches to increase air circulation. If signs are already there, pick off affected parts and throw in the trash to avoid inviting spores back into your garden.

Plant Fall Crocuses

Photo by J S Sira/GAP Photos

The saffron crocus (shown) will bloom in 6 to 8 weeks; the spice can be harvested for cooking by removing the bright red stigmas at the center.

Eliminate Pest Magnets

Photo by Matt Carey/Moment Open/Getty

Move items touching your house's siding, like firewood, tools, and toys, which create a haven for bugs and mice.