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6 Fast Fixes for May

Get ready for hotter days with these easy ways to improve your home

Move Houseplants Outside

Photo by J. Paul Moore

After the last frost, and once nighttime temps reach 50 degrees F, it's safe to start gradually acclimating plants to the outdoors over a period of a few weeks.

Refresh Old Paintbrushes

Photo by PhotoSync/ShutterStock

Clean off dried paint by soaking brushes in hot white vinegar, then washing them in warm, soapy water.

Shield Wood Floors From Sun

Photo by Ivan Hunter/Digital Vision/Getty

Prevent uneven floor fading by repositioning furniture and area rugs.

Summer-Proof Your Grass

Photo by Tetra Images/Getty

Giving your lawn a deep watering once a week encourages strong root growth that will help grass withstand summer droughts.

Touch Up Exterior Paint

Photo by David Burch/UpperCut Images/Getty

Before heat and humidity set in, refresh peeling or scuffed paint on your trim or front door.

Check Your Fridge's Seal

Photo by momentimages/Getty

Grime can interfere with a tight seal, so make sure to clean the gasket regularly with a damp sponge. Test the seal by closing the fridge on a dollar bill, then trying to pull it out. If the bill slides out easily, it may be time to order a replacement seal from the manufacturer.