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Insider Bailey Kohl of Sanford, NC, writes:

“My husband and I are longtime fans of This Old House. We even spent a wedding anniversary touring the project home in Carlisle, MA, back in 2004, when we lived in New England. We’ve been in North Carolina for years now, and last month we attended the Downtown Raleigh Home Show at the Raleigh Convention Center hoping to be able to hear Kevin O’Connor speak about his experiences and insights.

"Even though we missed his first talk, we saw him in the crowd, offstage, signing copies of This Old House magazine. Kevin was so engaging. We joked with him about our being there to see Tommy Silva, and he noticed my husband was wearing the Silva Brothers Construction shirt we received as a gift for becoming Insider members. He got such a kick out of it, he had one of the staff members take a photo of our family on his phone so he could show everyone when he got back to Boston.

"We were able to hear him speak at Raleigh later that day, and wow, was he good! He gave everyone so much insight about the Jamestown Net-Zero House and the Brookline Mid-century Modern House. He answered questions and was so knowledgeable that he didn’t miss a beat! Meeting Kevin O’Connor has got to be the highlight of our year. We have just finished living in and restoring our third old house in our 18 years of marriage, watching This Old House and Ask This Old House, and subscribing to This Old House magazine and This Old House Insider. We are now building a new house, yet we will always love watching the programs, reading the magazine, and meeting the cast from our favorite show. –Bailey, Jay, and Andrew Kohl, Sanford, NC

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