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When Tom Silva Speaks: Tom’s Advice to DIY Renovators

One really sound tip for people tackling their first job

Tom has a tip for homeowners tackling their own whole-house renovation: Start small! “It’s so easy for anyone to get overwhelmed by a renovation,” says Tom. “I tell people to think about doing one small room first, from start to finish.

Do everything in that one room only, including all the renovation plus painting and finishing and adding furniture, and then put a bottle of wine on a table in the corner, close the door, and walk away. Then, every time you are stressed by the bigger parts of the house remodeling, go into that room and enjoy it as inspiration for why you are doing the whole house.

Too many people do the entire house all at once and go crazy. Or, worse, never finish.”

For more advice from Tom Silva, don't miss tomorrow's Live Q&A with Tom and Richard Trethewey at 4 p.m., where you get the chance to ask your own questions.