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How To Etch Leaves Into Pumpkins With a Rotary Tool

This elegant pattern works all season long, from Halloween to Thanksgiving!

Project Overview

Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated Time: A few hours

Estimated Cost: $ of $$$$$

Tools and Materials

  • Pumpkin carving tools
  • Washable marker
  • Pumpkin
  • Dremel pumpkin-carving kit (optional)

Project Resouces

Ginkgo Leaf Patterns


Step 1:

Download the ginkgo pattern. Resize the design on your printer or a photocopier to suit the size of your pumpkin and cut out the pattern.

Step 2:

Tape the pattern to the pumpkin. Use a washable pen to trace around the pattern. Feel free to alter the pattern by adding design elements of your choice.

Step 3:

Using your pumpkin-carving tools, carefully cut along the pattern lines. For the leaves, cut from the base of the leaf and taper towards the outer leaf edge.

Step 4:

Wash off any leftover marker lines.


Prolong the life of your pumpkin by shaving instead of carving the ginkgo leaf pattern.

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