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1. Beadboard Kitchen Banquette

Masterminds: Sada and Reagan Lewis tackle renovation projects in their 1960s ranch, in San Antonio, and share them at sadalewis.com.
Inspiration: "This was a funny little corner next to the kitchen, and since we don't have any seating in the kitchen itself, we knew this would be ideal for entertaining—and for the baby," says Sada, who was 8 months pregnant with their daughter, Paige, when they completed the project.
How They Did It: They bought framing lumber, measured chairs for reference, and built the banquette 16 inches deep and 20 inches high. They stapled perforated aluminum sheets to the front of the L-shaped bench seat's long side, which covers an AC register, and left the short side open for basket storage. Preprimed MDF beadboard, oriented horizontally and framed at the top and sides, form the bench's back. Reagan gets hero honors: In the Texas heat, he shimmied into the attic's crawl space to move an existing junction box so that the new pendant light would be centered over the table.
What It Cost: $490 for the framing lumber, MDF beadboard sheets, and trim ($290); metal sheeting ($65); seat-cushion foam ($75); pendant light ($30); and paint supplies ($30). Using leftover fabric and paint helped keep the project's costs down.
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