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Window Seat and Wardrobes

Masterminds: Jennifer Flores, who comes up with designs that her husband, Sean Stanwick, executes for their 1950s home, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They chronicle the results at
Inspiration: "I always wanted a window seat when I was a girl, and
I imagined sitting on one with our daughter in her nursery, " says Jennifer. "The room also had no closets, so we needed to add storage."
How They Did It: Rather than frame out closets alongside the seat, Jennifer and Sean bought two wardrobe units from IKEA. "We like ready-made things that we can customize," says Jennifer. For the seat, which hides an under-window radiator, they used ¾-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and perforated wood panels that allow heat to pass through. A cushion on top turns it into a comfy perch. To make it all look like one big built-in, the couple painted the seat, the wardrobes, and a new ceiling-height shelf in the same creamy white.
What it cost: $500 for the wardrobes, a 4-by-8-foot sheet
of MDF, a 4-by-3-foot sheet of perforated wood, a custom cushion, shelf boards, paint, glue, and caulk
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