world's most expensive doghouse
Photo: Andy Ramus
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World's Most Expensive Dog House

This place really has gone to the dogs. Currently being built for two Great Danes in Gloucestershire, England, it will feature sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, a $250,000 sound system, and a 52-inch plasma TV. Automatic dispensers ensure the dogs, who each have their own bedroom, will always have chilled, filtered water and dry food available. Dog-vision webcams allow their owner, who has chosen to stay anonymous, to keep tabs on the pups as they frolic in the house or in their own private playground outside. To keep out the riff-ruff, a retina scanner ensures only the two dogs can enter the front door, and an 18-inch spa bath with a saline treatment will help their coats stay shiny. Designed by architect Andy Ramus, this little shack will only cost about $417,000.
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