Don't toss your old wine bottles in the recycling bin; use them to block candles from drafts instead. All you need is a few minutes and some glass-cutting tools to fashion hurricanes to place over tea lights by carefully removing the bottles' bottoms.

To create this decorative project for a table centerpiece or garden display, you have to cut the wine bottle cleanly. We've found a simple way to do it, using a little lesson in physics. The idea: Split the glass along a carefully placed fault line using thermal shock.
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    Tools List

    • glass cutter
      Glass-cutting tool
    • drill
    • bar clamps
    • tea kettle
    • glass bowl
      Glass bowl or sink
    • small plastic bucket
      Plastic bucket
    • gloves
      Work gloves
    • sanding block
      Sanding block

    Shopping List

    Two scrap 1x2s

    Drywall screws

    One scrap ¼x1½-inch lattice strip

    Empty wine bottle