Ladies and gentlemen, start your checkbooks. The neighbors' recently completed bath remodel you so admire cost them $8,000 to $10,000. If that's a little steep for you, consider a cosmetic makeover that will make your bath current without knocking down walls and relocating plumbing fixtures. A great place to start is your tub shower, with its moldy curtain and ineffective shower-head. If the color of the tub is acceptable and the finish still sparkles, the two projects that we detail here are ideal: adding a porcelain soap dish to the wall and attaching an adjustable slide-bar showerhead. They require only a modest investment of time and money, and you can do the work yourself.
Once you have all the tools and supplies together, it should take you about two days to complete the projects, at a total cost of less than $800. You don't have to both of the jobs. They can be done independently.
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