Carlisle | History of the Greek-Revival

Nurseryman Peter Mezzit arrives on site with a truckload of plant material, and (with frost on the ground) it's not a moment too soon. Landscape contractor Roger Cook unloads the plants while landscape architect Stephanie Hubbard reviews the placement of the new birch trees. Inside the barn, Norm finds Tom overseeing the insulation of the barn with a water-blown expanding soft foam insulation. To learn the language of Greek temple architecture and how it influenced the American Greek Revival period, architect Thomas Gordon Smith shows Kevin a full-scale model of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, and an ornate house called "Rattle and Snap." Back in Carlisle, in the master bathroom, Norm finds plasterer Stephen Norton hanging wallboard—made out of a new product that's non-combustible, moisture resistant, and mold resistant—an important innovation as mold problems continue to plague the building industry.

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