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How to Install the Plumbing for a Kitchen Sink

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to install kitchen sink plumbing for a double-bowl sink.

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to plumb a double-bowl sink.


1. Turn off the water to the sink cabinet and remove the cabinet doors for easier access.

2. Attach a shut-off valve to a length of copper tubing. Tighten the compressing fitting using two adjustable wrenches. Repeat to make a second shut-off valve assembly.

3. Connect the shut-off valves to the hot- and cold-water supply lines inside the sink cabinet. Confirm that the valves are off, then turn the water back on.

4. Install the faucet spout and faucet handles to the countertop.

5. From inside the cabinet, connect the faucet's hot- and cold-water supply lines to the shut-off valves. Carefully tighten each threaded connection with an adjustable wrench.

6. Apply plumber's putty to the underside of each basket strainer.

7. Set the strainers into the drain holes in the bottom of each sink, then tighten from below with a wrench. Scrape away any excess putty from inside the sinks.

8. Connect a brass tailpiece to the underside of each basket strainer.

9. Dry-assemble the ABS drainpipe and trap. Cut the pipe to length with a plastic-pipe cutter.

10. Glue the drainpipes to each trap using ABS cement.

11. Install a mini-vent valve to the drainpipe.

12. Connect one trap to the tailpiece protruding down from the sink.

13. Measure and cut a length of brass drainpipe to extend horizontally from the second sink trap to the T-fitting above the first trap.

14. Connect the brass drainpipe to the traps.

15. Attach the dishwasher discharge hose to the port on the side of the drainpipe. Tighten the hose clamp with a screwdriver.

16. Twist open the shut-off valves and check for leaks.

17. Replace the cabinet doors.

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