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How to Install a Water Filter Under the Sink

Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey travels to Los Angeles to update a water filter to preserve the look of a retro faucet

How to install an under-sink water filter

  1. Start by shutting off the cold water line underneath the kitchen sink. The cold should always be to the right.
  2. Open the faucet to release any cold water that’s in the line upstream of the shutoff valve.
  3. Place a small bucket or tray underneath the cold water line underneath the sink to catch any extra water that might fall out. Then, break the water connection using a wrench.
  4. Connect the adapter that comes with the kit to the hose.
  5. Push the black tubing that also comes with the kit into the adapter on one end and the filter on the other. The back of the filter has images that indicate which pipe should receive which tube.
  6. Connect the second adapter to the water shutoff valve. Push the black tubing that came from the filter to the shutoff.
  7. Turn the water back on.
  8. Run the sink for 5- to 10-minute increments, according to the instructions that come with the ki,t to activate the carbon and fully filter the water.


Richard installed the Advanced Water Filtration System, which is manufactured by Kube. It comes with a kit of adapters and connectors so that it’s easy to connect it with whatever pipes you have underneath your sink. The only other tool required for installation is a wrench, which can be found at any home center.

The retro faucet the homeowner had in her kitchen is called the Dishmaster M76 Imperial Four, which can still be found on the manufacturer’s website and on some third-party sites.