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Is your next home improvement project around your kitchen sink? Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner replace her old kitchen faucet with a new one.

Steps on How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

  1. Shut the water off to the faucet underneath the sink.
  2. Disconnect the water hoses from the shutoff valves.
  3. Loosen the nuts underneath the sink using the basin wrench.
  4. Cut the hose connecting the faucet to the sprayer with a pair of scissors.
  5. Carefully remove the old faucet off of the sink.
  6. Assemble the pieces of the faucet according to the instructions on the packaging. In general, it starts with a gasket that goes directly underneath the faucet and then a cover plate.
  7. Apply a thick glob of plumber’s putty underneath the cover plate and put the faucet into place. Be sure all the hoses connected to the faucet go through the center hole.
  8. Underneath the sink, slide the gasket, then the washer, and then the mounting bracket onto the faucet. Use a screwdriver to secure the bracket to the sink.
  9. Add a weight to the spray hose to allow it to retract when in use.
  10. Reconnect the hot and cold water hoses to the shutoff valves.
  11. If there is a fourth hole exposed from the old spray hose, use a cover plate or soap dispenser to block it. Add plumber’s putty to the underside and secure it to the sink.
  12. Turn the water back on.


Richard installed the Fairbury Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet in stainless steel, manufactured by American Standard. It comes with washers and gaskets and most of the materials required to install it.

Everything else he used to replace the kitchen faucet, including the putty, soap dispenser, wrench and screwdriver, can be purchased at home centers and plumbing supply stores.