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You could just place a marble pastry board on the kitchen table, of course, but for a more ergonomic setup, spring for a cart with a dough-friendly surface, dedicated storage, and wheels.

Go for marble. It stays cool, and that’s what you need when working with buttery pie dough or the kind of chocolate that melts in your hand. Stone yards often have discounted remnants that can be cut to size.

Get it at the right height. Unless you are very tall, the typical countertop is too high for mixing, kneading, and rolling out dough. Aim for table height (30 to 32 inches) or your waist height. If you are retrofitting a table or an island by adding casters, you may need to shorten the legs, and make sure the wheels lock to steady the surface.

Assign storage space. Baking is a lot easier if everything you need is in one place. An open shelf, like the one shown, is useful for holding a mixer and bowls, and full-extension drawers can keep whisks, spatulas, and clean dish towels right where you need them.