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How to Replace a Deck Joist Hanger

Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner repair her deck by replacing rotted hangers and re-securing the joist to the structure.

In this video, Nathan Gilbert visits a deck that had a joist fall down. The homeowners use the deck as their main entrance to enter and exit their home, so there is a lot of foot traffic. Nathan puts the joist back into place and demonstrates how to remove corroded joist hangers and replace them with new ones. He also shares how to prevent the hangers from rusting in the future. After, Nathan is joined by Tom Silva and Kevin in the workshop to talk about choosing the proper fasteners and hangers for the project.

How to Replace a Deck Joist Hanger

  1. Remove the fallen joist.
  2. Remove what’s left of the corroded hanger.
  3. Pop up the old nails from under the deck and remove them from the top of the deck.
  4. Flip the joist 180 degrees from how it was to have the old nail holes facing the ground.
  5. Use a scrap piece of wood to prop the joist up.
  6. Put a few screws into the joist to hold it in place until you get the hanger on.
  7. Nail the hanger into place.
  8. On the side opposite of the ledger board, Nathan used an angle bracket only because there was a ledge that offered support for the joists.
  9. Nathan used 2” screws with a ceramic coating to reattach the deck boards to the reinstalled joist.
  10. Remove the rest of the old hangers and replace them with new joist hangers.


Nathan replaced the rotted joist hangers with 2x8” Face-Mount Galvanized Joist Hangers, which are manufactured by Simpson Strong-Tie and can be found at most home centers.

To resecure the deck boards to the joist, Nathan used a drill driver and 2” Deckmate star drive coated deck screws, which can also be found at home centers.