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2022 Mountain Modern: Steel Away | Ep. 3

With framing finally moving ahead, Jared and his team face the next challenge. Their Mountain Modern home requires steel to support its dramatic style. That means crane snaking mountain roads.

Amber and Jared Phifer

2022 Mountain Modern: Meet Mountain Modern | Ep. 1

Ever wonder what it would be like to build a house in the Rockies? Amber and Jared Phifer build several every year. They run a Design firm in the Rockies, specializing in Mountain Modern homes.

Amber and Jared speak to homeowners at a walkthrough of the job site.

2022 Mountain Modern: Reclaim and Repair | Ep. 4

Jared and Amber are pros at managing homeowner stress levels. With progress at the job site, they invite the homeowners for a walk-through and show them their Mountain Modern home is nearly a reality.

Jared learns about a one-of-a-kind shingle system.

2022 Mountain Modern: Mountain Energy | Ep. 8

Jared learns about a one-of-a-kind shingle system. Amber shows Kyle and James unique design elements. Jesse deals with septic issues. Jared does a walkthrough. Best Buy installs the laundry.

Kyle and James get behind schedule on the build.

2022 Mountain Modern: Mounting Delays | Ep. 2

Building in the Rockies is not easy. Amber and Jared know it all too well. Impassable roads, supply chain issues, and worker shortages have put their project for Kyle and James behind schedule.

Jared looks over paperwork in the project house.

2022 Mountain Modern: Revolve Rethinks the Industry | Ep. 6

Jared’s on a mission to elevate the industry’s practices. High-efficiency HVAC and windows are installed. James and Kyle find gym equipment. Amber looks for doors and takes her team on a field trip.


2022 Mountain Modern: Fire Codes and Flash Floods | Ep. 7

As they source building materials, local building codes cause headaches for Jared and Amber. A flash flood rips through the job site. Amber and the kids go hiking; James and Kyle get new brewing equipment

Amber shops for lighting.

2022 Mountain Modern: Power and Light | Ep. 9

The Mountain modern house powers forward, and HVAC and cement wrap up. A box walk checks electrical work. Amber shops for lighting while Jared gets a heat pump tutorial. Best Buy delivers the office.

How to Patch a Wood Floor

A previous owner removed three old floor-mount heating ducts in our house, leaving patched areas that are obvious and unstable. How can I redo them, so they blend in with the surrounding floor?—Mike Scarmon, Evansville, WI

Pro Tips for Planting a Privacy Hedge 

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