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Fire-Rated Drywall: Is It Worth It?

This Old House master carpenter Norm Abram explains why builders don’t use 5/8-inch fire-code drywall throughout the entire house.


How to Build an Old Pine Coffee Table

Norm Abram and Jeff Sweenor build a coffee table for Westerly homewners Scott and Shayla using old pine from a nearby family sawmill.

S19 E13: Window Bench

Norm reproduces a 19th Century upholstered window bench

S19 E12: Nest of Tables

Norm reproduces a Chippendale-style nest of tables from the 1920s

S19 E11: Bowfront Chest

Norm reproduces an 19th Century bowfront chest on display in Old Sturbridge Village

S19 E10: Taunton Chest

Norm reproduces a decorated small chest, originally designed in the 18th Century by Robert Crosman and named for Taunton, MA, where it was first built

S19 E8-9: Table Saw 101 Part 1-2

As with his previous programs dedicated to a single tool, Norm takes viewers on a special two-part program that explores the usefulness of the table saw

S19 E7: Painted Cupboard

Norm builds a tall cupboard with an arched top door, and a "pinched" cornice that towers above the case

S19 E6: Cowboy Sideboard

Norm brings a little bit of Western sensibility into his Yankee workshop when he decides to take on a cowboy sideboard for his own collection

S19 E5: Dominy Clock

Norm reproduces a tall clock built by the Dominy family in the 19th Century