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How to Scale Up an Image

The trick to transferring any design is printing on customized graph paper.

10 Alternative Uses for Sawdust

Don’t dump your sawdust! Here are some ways to put it to work.

Pranks On the Set of This Old House

Tom and Charlie Silva aren’t just house-building wizards. They’re equally inventive when it comes to their sideline: pranking the TOH production assistants. Here, a few of their "all in good fun" job site setups


How to Restore a Deck

Follow the prep instructions carefully and paint on a specialty coating to preserve weathered boards for years to come


How to Install a Stone-Veneer Fireplace Surround

Lightweight cast stones add rustic charm to any hearth, for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. In this video, senior technical editor Mark Powers shows how easy it is to dress up your fireplace


How to Build a Concrete Sitting Wall

TOH Senior Technical Editor Mark Powers shows how to make a concrete block garden border that does double duty as extra backyard seating


How to Paint a Wood Floor

Turn a worn floor into a cottage classic with a simple checkerboard pattern

Build A Custom-Look Window Seat Using Stock Kitchen Cabinets

The pros aren't the only ones who can craft a handsome built-in. You can, too

How to Build a Fireproof Home

Insulated concrete forms—combined with flame-resistant roofing and siding—make for one safe house

How to Replace a Window Pane

Tom Silva shows how easy it is to fix a single-glazed wood sash