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Tight-Fitting Floor Boards

A tip for laying tongue-and-groove flooring

Perfect Paneling Seams

If you can't get a perfectly tight fit between the sheets, you can at least hide the evidence

Trimming Paneling

Create a snug fit where paneling abuts stone walls or other irregular surfaces

Slip-On Nailing Shield

Protect decorative molding or trim from your hammer

Angle-Cutting Fence Posts

Give water a way to run off, and your posts will last longer

Smoothing Out Rough Tiles

Finish off your tile cuts with a simple trick that evens out jagged edges

Permanent Cure for Popped Nails

Protruding nailheads aren't just unsightly; they can be dangerous

Hauling Long Lumber

A safe way to carry boards in a pickup truck

Getting Rid of Old Grout

A simple way to remove the old stuff, even without a grout saw

Fast Fix for Loose Ladders

Tightening the metal braces can return a loose ladder to rock-solid