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How to Make a Half-Lap Joint

Mill your own half-lap joint quickly and easily using nothing more than a portable circular saw and a chisel.

Fast Fix for Worn Drawers

Protect Against Plier Marks

Keep your grippers from digging in with this tip

Stay-Fresh Paint Roller

Save yourself some rinsing work, and keep your roller ready to go, with this simple trick.

Starting a Nail in Hard-to-Reach Places

Use your hammer's claw to extend your reach

Making Perfect Chalk Lines

No matter the distance from start to finish, this tip helps you draw the line

Fixing Chipped Concrete Steps

Bring new life to damaged corners

Support for Sagging Drawers

Bottom falling out of your drawers? Prop it up with this fix.

Aligning Level Shelves

Make sure wall-mounted shelves are perfectly level

Splicing Molding

A single length of molding spanning a wall is best, but when you have to use a second piece, use this technique to hide the gap