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Insider Exclusive: Behind the Scenes Q&A with Producer Chris Wolfe (February 8 at 5 PM ET)

In order to view these Q&As, you must have access to YouTube or belong to our private Facebook group just for Insiders. You will need to provide your member ID or account email in order to be accepted into the Facebook group.

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Live Q&A with Kevin and Mauro (Dec 18, 2019)

On Wednesday, December 18, TOH host Kevin O’Connor and painting expert Mauro Henrique took your questions live from the Cape Ann house. Thanks for joining us!

Insiders Win a VIP Preview of the 2019 Idea House

A few select winners and their guests were granted the opportunity to meet members of the This Old House cast and take an exclusive tour of the 2019 Idea House in New Canaan, CT before doors opened to the public