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7 Steps to Creating a Backyard from Scratch

These 7 features will transform a plain stretch of lawn into a lush landscape you'll really use and enjoy

10 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Put some spring in your steps and in your planting beds, patios, and pots, too.

5 Steps to Quick Compost

Use this "hot" method to get garden-ready black gold in just two weeks

How to Trim Hedges

Five important tips to ensure your hedges are properly maintained and looking their best.

Ideas for Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

Everybody loves a built-in nook for curling up with (or without) a good book. Here are 8 ideas that will inspire you to create your own cozy nook.

Fix a Chipped Sink

Whether it’s a plumber’s wrench or a heavy stockpot, slips happen—and vitreous china, fireclay, and enameled-metal sinks often bear the scars. Luckily, DIY repair kits that contain epoxy paints and fillers can heal chips in glossy ceramic surfaces. Here, tips for getting the best results

Paint a Simple Geometric Pattern on Your Bedroom Wall

Create an abstract accent-wall design with just a roll of painter’s tape and a few quarts of color

How to Build a Simple Porch Swing

This streamlined outdoor seat is budget-friendly and simple to build using basic cuts and common stock

5 Easy Room Updates You (Probably) Never Thought Of

The folks at Apartment Therapy share nifty, thrifty interior-design ideas in a new book

Easy-Care, Low-Water Container Gardens

10 ideas for potted arrangements from Sunset's new Western Book of Easy-Care Plantings