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How to Install a Standing Seam Copper Roof

Jason Senior of J&R Senior Sheetmetal Inc. illustrates how he installs copper panels on a cupola roof


How to Build a Copper Cupola Roof

Jason Senior of J&R Senior Sheetmetal Inc. illustrates how he forms copper panels for a standing seam roof


Build Removable Wood-Framed Screens

Tom Silva and Jeff Sweenor illustrate how to make removable screens for a screened porch


Westerly in Detail: Applied Rafter Tails

How do you apply rafter tails to the exterior of a structure after the walls have been sheathed? Home builder Jeff Sweenor developed a simple solution that's efficient to execute

A Closer Look at 5 Cordless Circular Saws Available Today

Like many carpenters today, custom post frame builder Kyle Stumpenhorst relies heavily on cordless tools. Here’s a look at some of Kyle’s favorite cordless saws

Outlet Installation with a Master Electrician

Look over the shoulder of electrician Heath Eastman as he installs an electrical outlet in our Brookline project house to learn a few tricks of the trade.

Create Consistent Color In a Marble Tile Floor

There’s no shortcut to fine-tuning the color pattern in a marble tile floor. Custom homebuilder John Hourihan explains the process


How Plumbing Technology is Advancing

During a visit to IBS 2019, Richard Trethewey gave our Pro2Pro editor a lesson in connecting pex tubing, then explored a new water-monitoring device and high-tech training tool

How to Clean Saw Blades

Master carpenter Matt Jackson illustrates his method for keeping saw blades sharp and long-lasting in this quick three-step process.

Repairing a Cabinet Frame in the Field

When a crack appeared in the panel around a farmhouse-style sink, master cabinet installer Jon Hilgenberg handled it with a simple fix