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Introducing tool lab

Introducing Tool Lab: Get Detailed Reviews of the Latest Tools

Eager to learn about the latest tools? Tool Lab is a video series that features unbiased reviews and objective tests of new and noteworthy tools.

Repairing a baseboard with a patch

How to Fix Baseboards with a Repair Patch

It’s easier to patch imperfections and holes in baseboard than to replace the entire piece. In this video, This Old House’s Tom Silva patches a baseboard using a Dutchman—a wood repair patch that is glued into a custom-cut hole.

What to Know About Sliding Compound-Miter Saws

This Old House editor Chris Ermides delivers the lowdown on choosing and using these versatile power players.

Installing roof flashing

How to Install Drip Edge and Step Flashing

In this video, General Contractor Tom Silva teaches three apprentices from our GenNEXT program his method for roofing a section of the house that will receive significant snow loads.


How To Install a Window Sash Replacement Kit

Tom Silva teaches three apprentices from our Generation NEXT program how to install a window sash replacement kit.

Building a sidewall flare on a house

How to Build a Sidewall Flare Pattern

A sidewall flare is a common architectural detail on many period-style homes, particularly the shingle style. Follow these steps to build a sidewall flare pattern yourself.

Richard Trethewey connects steel gas pipes.

How to Connect Steel Gas Pipes

Looking to connect gas pipes in your home? This Old House Plumbing & Heating Expert Richard Trethewey explains a new method for connecting gas pipes, known as "press-connect."


Cape Ann Project Heating Plan

Our plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains the general layout of the heating and cooling system in our Cape Ann project

Tips and Tricks for Using a Rafter Square

Custom post frame builder Kyle Stumpenhorst illustrates how versatile and useful a rafter square can be


Adding Crown Molding to a Coffered Ceiling

This Old House home builder Jeff Sweenor explains how he trimmed out the coffered ceiling of our Westerly project