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Before and After: Creating A Private and Inviting Front Yard

A revamped facade and lush border plantings deliver street-side charm.

How to Build a Kitchen Garden

A symmetrical design of raised beds grows out of a blank patch of turf­, adding beauty and productivity to the landscape.

See this Hillside Garden Makeover in California

Decades in the making, this terraced garden offers 360-degrees of color, while providing layers of privacy from nearby neighbors and a lush habitat for visiting wildlife.

Create Your Best Yard Yet

Getting ahead of your yard work is the difference between enjoying the seasonal rituals of planting, weeding, and deadheading—and falling behind and making the whole thing feel like drudgery. Read this guide to learn what you can do to create your ideal yard.

Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants

A dozen garden stunners you’ll love but those four-legged foragers won’t

Street-Side Gardens: Inspirational, Lawnless Front Yards

Where space is tight and lawn’s a yawn, street-side gardens are growing lush with specimen trees, showy shrubs, bold foliage, and riotous blooms. Check out the curbside plant life here—it might just inspire a front-yard makeover of your own

Colorful Garden Remodel

A California couple romance their compact property by carving out colorful garden rooms with plenty of guest-ready seating

Uncommon Container Gardens

Focus on foliage plants for sensational season-long displays

Fresh Start for a Master Bath

A layout overhaul and classic fixtures deliver a dreamy master bath

How to Choose the Right Mulch

Use this guide to navigate the options for the best topdressing around your plant bed