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10 Plants That Self-Seed for Prairie-Style Gardens

Over time, plants that self-seed help a wild-looking garden become chock-full of plants without extra expense

10 Grasses for Prairie-Style Gardens

From upright and airy to short and mounding, these grasses form the backbone of a prairie garden

10 Foolproof Native Plants for Prairie-Style Gardens

These tough, fuss-free perennials and grasses have adapted to North American climates and lend to the rustic prairie charm

Plant Your Own Private Prairie

Sidestep the rigid rules of traditional garden design and take a walk on the wild side

Perennial Picks that Make Quick Climbers

Vigorous perennial vines can turn a bare arbor, fence, or stacked stone wall into a garden focal point in no time—just be sure to choose wisely

All About Hydrangeas

For generations, these beloved shrubs have charmed with their big blooms and carefree nature

Avoid Invasives: Plant This, Not That

27 trouble-free alternatives to popular shrubs that have earned the "invasive" label