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How to Install a Home Elevator

Ask This Old House Host Kevin O’Connor helps an accessibility contractor install a home elevator for a young man with disabilities.

Steps for installing a home elevator

  1. Pour concrete pad for the base of the elevator.
  2. Hoist the tower section with a chain pull and level it in place with a level.
  3. Stabilize the tower by attaching the legs with bolts and washers using a drill/driver.
  4. Hoist the second section of the tower on top of the first portion with a chain pull.
  5. The first and second sections of the tower are combined using bolts and washers.
  6. Fill the reservoir for the hydraulics with transmission fluid.
  7. Place platform base on top of the legs.
  8. Secure the platform with bolts and washers using a drill/driver.
  9. Place the floor on top of the platform and secure it with fasteners.
  10. Secure 42-inch panels on three sides of the platform.
  11. Install enclosure around the lift to keep out rain, snow and wind.