• Some of this probably seems pretty basic to you guys, but you might pick up a tip or two.

    There are two schools of thought about installing cabinets. Do you install the lowers first or the uppers?

    Lots of people install the lower cabinets first. Once the lowers are in place, it's easy to use them as a handy shelf for holding tools and for bracing the uppers as you install them.

    As you see in the video, we like to install the uppers first with nothing underneath them to get in the way.

    How about you guys? What school do you belong to?
    • Difficulty: None

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      Tools List

      • four-foot level
        4-foot and 6-foot level
      • drill
      • hammer
      • 100-foot tape measure
        Tape measure
      • hand clamps
        used to hold cabinets together
      • jigsaw
        for cutting vent hole in over-the-stove cabinet

      Shopping List

      1. Kitchen wall and base cabinets

      2. Finishing nails,

      used to find wall studs

      3. 3-inch drywall screws,

      used to fasten filler strip to floor

      4. 1 1/4-inch pan-head screws,

      used to screw sides of cabinets together

      5. Wood shims

      6. 2 ½-inch drywall screw with finishing washer,

      used to fasten rear of upper cabinets to wall

      7. Cabinet jack,

      used to hold wall cabinets