weathered federal farmhouse set on brick pylons over a green lawn with clear blue sky
Photo: courtesy of Preservation North Carolina

The History

August 2015
Price: Free (must be moved)
Location: Enfield, North Carolina
Contact: Robert Parrott, 919-832-3652, ext. 230

Known as Branch Grove, this farmhouse started as a humble Georgian cottage. In the 1840s, wealthy farmer Samuel Branch—part of a well-to-do family that included prominent tradesmen and even a three-term governor—added on the much larger front-facing Federal structure.

The farmhouse has a decorated history: It's the birthplace of Alpheus Branch, Samuel's son, who went on to found Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T), one of the nation's largest banks. The house is still part of a working farm but has been vacant since the 1970s, and now Preservation North Carolina is looking for a buyer.

Shown: The primary structure's original portico has a classic Federal-style fanlight above the front door.
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