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Photo: Kay Wheeler Moore

Avoiding The Wrecking Ball

Published August 2013
Price: $0 (must be moved)
Location: Garland, Texas
Contact: Becky King, 972-205-2893

The History: Cotton growers John and Nina Pace built this Queen Anne-inspired farmhouse around 1895. The house has had a charmed existence, surviving a massive fire in 1899, a tornado that leveled much of the area in the 1920s, and a previous move. Most recently, This Old House reader Louis Moore led the charge to save the home after learning of Garland's plan to demolish it to build apartments. Moore appeared before the city council on the eve of demolition, armed with his past issues of TOH magazine open to this column. He helped convince the council to hold the wrecking ball and grant the home a six-month reprieve, allowing time for a fellow reader to step in and rescue this historic house one more time.

Shown: The 1,536-square-foot house is now stored on a truck bed, awaiting a new site. A lot half a mile from its former location is available for $15,000.
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