• In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva adds a garage storage system.

    1. Assemble the storage cabinets using the quick-connect hardware provided.
    2. Use a drill/driver to screw the adjustable legs onto the bottom of the main cabinet.
    3. Screw the hanging rail to the inside of cabinet, then set the cabinet into place against the garage wall.
    4. Check the cabinet for level and adjust legs, if necessary.
    5. Fasten the main cabinet to wall by driving 3-inch screws through the hanging rail and into wall studs.
    6. Install upper cabinet and beside the main cabinet. Screw the smaller wall cabinet to the wall studs.
    7. Set the base cabinet into place directly below the upper wall cabinet. Screw it to the wall studs.
    8. Slide the drawers into the base cabinet.
    9. With all the cabinets fastened to wall studs, screw the cabinets to one another.
    10. Use the hinges provided to mount the doors to the inside of the cabinets. Close the doors and check the fit. Adjust the hinges, if necessary, to produce an even gap around each door.
    11. Set the butcherblock work surface on top of the lower base cabinet. Secure it with screws from below.
    12. Screw the slot-track panel to wall above the base cabinet. Insert metal hooks and racks into the slots for hanging tools and accessories.
    • 2 to 4 hours, depending on size and complexity of the storage system
    • $500 and up, depending on size and complexity of the storage system
    • Difficulty: Easy
      knock-down cabinets are simple to assemble and install
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      Tools List

      • multi-bit screwdriver
        Phillips screwdriver, used to install cabinet hardware
      • drill
        Drill/driver, for driving in screws
      • two-foot level
        24-inch level, used to ensure cabinets are level and plumb

      Shopping List

      1. Knock-down storage cabinets

      2. 3-inch screws, used to secure the cabinets to the wall studs

      3. 1 -inch screws, used to secure the cabinets to one another