• In this video, This Old HOuse landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to repair a brick patio.


    1 Use a flat bar to pry all the full-size bricks from the sunken area of the patio.
    2 Number each cut brick removed from the edge of the patio using a crayon.
    3 Dig out sodden clay or soft mud from the patio with a pointed trowel.
    4 Use a 4-foot level to determine the finished height of the brick.
    5 Fill depressions in the sand bed with ground limestone.
    6 Use a hand tamper to compact the limestone.
    7 Add 1 inch of sand, then check with the level to ensure there's a 3-inch space for the bricks.
    8 Set bricks back into place, tapping each one down with a rubber mallet.
    9 Sweep fine-grain sand into the joints between the bricks.
    10 After the first heavy rainfall, sweep more sand across patio to fill voids between bricks.
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    • Difficulty: Moderate
      Prying up the bricks takes some time, but after that, the project moves along briskly
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      Tools List

      • flat prybar
        Flat pry bar,
        used to remove bricks from patio
      • pointing trowel
        Pointed trowel,
        used to dig clay and mud from under bricks
      • tamper
        Hand tamper,
        used to compact the limestone bed
      • two-foot level
        for determining height of patio
      • mallet
        Rubber mallet,
        for tapping bricks back into place
      • push broom
        used to sweep sand into the joints between the bricks
      • wheelbarrow
        used to remove dirt dug from site

      Shopping List

      1. Marking crayon,

      used to number cut bricks pried from patio

      2. Ground limestone,

      for filling depressions in sand bed

      3. Setting-bed sand,

      used to create base for bricks

      4. Fine-grain sand,

      for filling joints between bricks