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Photo: Courtesy of Second Chance Inc.

Second Chances Inc.

Second Chance is different than high-end architectural antiques stores. The products we offer, the customers who come in, and the employees who work here run the gamut. Second Chance gives jobs to the city's unemployed by training them to do deconstruction, which is basically unbuilding old houses and giving their components a new lease on life. The people who undergo training each year are guaranteed a job with us at the end of the apprenticeship. What's great is that we are expanding into other cities that have the same issues as Baltimore: displaced workers but a strong labor pool and local governments that are interested in providing jobs. In each of these cities—which include Newark and Philadelphia—there's plenty of urban redevelopment, which means a lot of old buildings to deconstruct. We also get donated items, as people want to see their old things reused, and not going to landfills. In our retail stores where all those deconstruction materials are sold, we offer our customers everything from a $5 doorknob to a $50,000 chandelier. With all of this great inventory to explore, you'll want to wear your walking shoes when you come visit our 135,000 square-foot warehouse space.

Abundant Inventory
A wealth of salvaged pieces from various deconstruction sites in nine different states fill Second Chance's five warehouses. Light fixtures alone occupy at least two of our warehouses.
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