Step 2: Prep Indoor Pots

If you're starting seeds indoors, avoid exposing seedlings to pathogens by cleaning used containers with hot, soapy water and opting for a sterile soilless mix. Seeds will germinate in any container with drainage, from peat pots to plastic cell packs or even yogurt cups with holes punched in the bottoms. You might also try soil blocks, a potless option that involves cutting out brownie-like cubes of damp starter mix.

Shown: Hand-held Soil Blocker, about $30;
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    Tools List

    • hand held soil blocker
      Handheld soil blocker (optional)
    • hand seed sower
      Hand seed sower (optional)
    • grow light
      Grow light (optional)
    • scissors
      Scissors or hand pruners

    Shopping List

    1. Seed-starting mix

    2. Packets of seed

    3. Starter cups (such as peat pots, plastic cell trays, or any recycled container with drainage holes punched in the bottom)

    4. Organic liquid fertilizer, such as Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer