Step 2: Cut a groove

Pull a paint scraper along the stop and jamb to make sure that both surfaces are smooth, flat, and free of protruding nails. Fit the grooving tool's V-shaped base into the corner formed by the jamb and the stop, with the bit pointing up. Turn on the motor and push the tool up to the head jamb. This creates a slot 1/8 inch wide and 3/16 inch deep. At the top, turn off the motor and remove the bit from the slot. Reinsert it at the starting point, but this time with the bit pointing down. (Retracing your path in the slot can widen it too much to grip the weatherstripping.) A steady push to the bottom of the jamb with the motor revving finishes the slot on that side. Repeat the process on the opposite side jamb and the head jamb. If the shop vacuum leaves any wood chips in the slot, Tom gently cleans them out with a small screwdriver.
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    Tools List

    • grooving tool
      Grooving tool: can be rented
    • shop vacuum
      Shop vacuum
    • Nut screwdriver
      Small slot-head screwdriver
    • roller spline
      Spline roller
    • router
      Router with edge guide and ½-inch straight bit
    • drill
    • hacksaw

    Shopping List


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