Patching Vinyl Corner Trim
It's easier to patch this missing chunk of a vinyl corner board than to replace the entire trim place.
Q: My house has vinyl siding, and now a corner board is damaged. Can it be repaired without taking off the siding?
—Steve Norwood, Greer, S.C

A: Tom Silva replies: You can't replace vinyl corner trim without removing a bunch of siding, so here's how I'd make the repair.

Get a new corner piece of trim that ­matches the damaged one and, using tin snips, cut out a section that extends at least 2 inches above and below the damage. Use a utility knife to trim off the nailing flanges on both sides of the replacement piece. Lightly sand the underside of the patch and the corresponding surfaces of the damaged corner, then glue the patch on with polyurethane construction adhesive. Hold it in place with painter's tape. I'd also run a few strips of painter's tape below the patch to catch glue drips. Once the glue sets, you can take off all the tape.

If you don't want a patch to show, you can glue a full-length piece over the entire corner. Just get a helper and use lots of tape because it will want to slide.
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