Hot Sauce Cleans Copper
Photo: James Worrell
Hot sauce cleans copper

Pantry staples have long been the safest way to tackle minor fixes and cleanups around the house, plus they have the benefit of being free. These solutions recall a time when Grandma dusted with old socks and clucked her tongue at wasting pennies. Her remedies might help keep our rivers a little cleaner, too.

Hot sauce cleans copper. Rub it on dulled copper, rinse with water, and polish clean with a soft rag.

Olive oil brightens up wood. Use a thin coat to hydrate worn, dried-out wood, as long as it was origin­ally treated with an oil finish. Finish by buffing it in.

White wine removes red wine. The first step in removing red wine stains is dousing the spot with white wine. Just blot with a clean rag to absorb the spill.

Vinegar cleans brushes. Boil a cup of white vinegar and rest hardened bristles in it overnight.

Cornmeal soaks up grease. Cover a fresh grease stain with cornmeal, let it sit a few hours, and sweep it up.
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