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hi my concrete walkway is off level due to a large oak tree's root system. I am not sure hot to fix..can I level it with some type of medium and place slate pavers over. or should I tear out and start over? Thanks Dan

Re: walkway

You should tear out and start over. After tear out of the old concrete, rent a stump grinder and get rid of the roots causing the problem. If the roots aren't that big, an ax will suffice. Put in your new base, tamp it and pour your new concrete. If you try to put something over the existing concrete the roots will continue to lift whatever is there and you will be spending good money after bad!! Good Luck.

Calcats ;)

Re: walkway

Calcats is absolutely right. Those roots have to be cut out or you'll be doing the same thing again in a year. Grinding them out would be my choice but you may get by with a chain saw or axe. I've even seen a circular saw used to score the offending root but it wasn't deep enough so it grew back too soon. Rent a chain saw and get rid of that root, especially since you'll be spending some money on what is going on top of it.

Good Luck.

Re: walkway

If it was me I'd tear it out and start over after cutting the tree down.

Re: walkway

Do not rent a chain saw. Unless you are very experienced with a chain saw the last thing you need to learn on is a root close to soil and stones and on uneven ground. You should also be warned that cutting a major root may kill part or all of the tree.

Re: walkway

I have a similar problem and wonder what you ended up doing. Would you mind sharing your solution and how it turned out?

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