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Idea House Build: Gutters, Floors, and Doors | Cottage on the Cape (E6)

Working amid COVID-19 restrictions, Matt Cole’s team is still on track at the Cottage on the Cape. Today, gutters are installed, a nickelgap wall goes up in the ADU, and the downstairs hardwood floors go in. Upstairs, the interior doors get installed and trimmed out.

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With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, the Cape Associates team has managed to stay on track with the progress at the Cottage on the Cape.

Outside, landscaping is well underway, and gutters are installed with an accessory that keeps them from getting clogged. Inside, finish carpenters are hard at work. Nickel gap boards are installed on a wall of the ADU, a lengthy process when working around tight corners like the vaulted ceiling in this part of the house.

The hardwood floors go down across the first floor of the main house. Upstairs, Russ is working on getting the interior doors installed and trimmed. Using a method that is efficient while yielding consistent, accurate results.


Cape Associates


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